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Name of Piece: Refuge

Dimensions: 25.5" x 25.5" x 2.5" (approx)

Weight: 17 lbs

Ready To Hang


The Provision Collection: Inspired by my first year of creating, The Provision Collection represents a year of connection with my creator. In 2021 God taught me that I have everything I need to create and be an artist. This trust in Him allowed and forced me to think outside the box, and create in new and inspiring mediums. Instead of striving in my creations, I surrender to His promises of provision, and for this particular collection I used materials He brought me through my community.


Each hand crafted piece is completely unique, and framed with reclaimed oak. The individual wood pieces are framing samples from a former frame shop.


The name of each piece represents how it speaks to me. 

I encourage you to rename the piece to how it speaks to you.

Refuge (Provision Collection)

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