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Garden Letters 8"x10" Archival Prints (Matted to 11"x14")


The Garden Letters Collection - Inspired by Sara’s morning letters to God


Most mornings this past year, I would write a letter to God and just listen for a response. My morning time has become very sacred to me and I've learned to listen for his voice. Each of these paintings represents something I have heard from Him this past year, and underneath each one of these paintings is one of my letters to Him.


What Sara hears from each piece:


Creation Flower

All of creation points to me. I am the designer and I have designed you. You are wonderfully made and I call you masterpiece. You are creative because I am creative. You have been uniquely designed, and there is no flaw in you my darling. What you may consider flaws, are part of my divine plan for your life. You are unique, set-apart. There is no one like you. Step into all your fullness, your full bloom.


Royal Position

You are my child and are part of the Kingdom family. I clothe you with a new robe and a crown of jewels over your head. Step up. Rise up. I have given you the authority to speak. Take your royal position. Stand firm with confidence, for this is the moment for which you have been created.


Self Compassion

In moments of doubt or insecurity give yourself space. You are not perfect and are not expected to be. You are so deeply loved by me and those around you. Loving others includes loving yourself. See yourself the way I see you. You are cherished, my precious rose.


Face the Sun

Let my light shine upon your face. Feel the warmth of my touch. As you move about your day continue to face me, move with me. You bring joy and positive energy to those around you. People will notice my light within you and you will be a reflection of my joy.


Transformational Power

Whenever you create with me, my transformational power flows through you into your creations. Your creations have the power to change the atmosphere of the room and the hearts of those who see it. This is not your power, but mine. You are a vessel and carry my power within you to transform the lives around you.



You are already free, so be free. Walk in this freedom, play in this freedom, create in this freedom. Your purity shines forth as you believe in my promises. You love being grounded in nature. Take off your shoes little one, and walk barefoot in my creation. Connect deeply with me in your newfound freedom.


Graves to Gardens

I’m creating in you a new garden. I’ve been collecting your tears, your prayers, and your dreams. They will be the seeds that bring forth new life, new creations, and new blooms. I’ve heard your cries for help, and am cultivating in you patience, trust, and self-compassion. What once seemed desolate will be transformed into incredible beauty and wonder.


Dear Sweet Rose

My dear sweet rose, I have called you by name and you are mine. You are compassionate and have a sensitive heart. I am with you always. I am with you in your fears, your sorrows, your joy, and your dreams. I cry with you and I rejoice with you. Take my hand and dance with me through this journey of life.


Childlike Wonder

You are young at heart and see with the eyes of a child. You love to dream of what could be and are hopeful for what is to come. Your authentic heart brings comfort to those around you and gives them permission to be themselves. I have created you with a big imagination, and have filled you with incredible dreams. You are supremely sensitive. Trust your intuition.


End of the Season

This season you are in will not last forever. A new season is just around the corner. You may feel weary and worn out, but change is coming. I have been preparing you and refining you for your next step. My light best shines through your cracks, your brokenness. This is all part of the divine journey, your purpose. 


Daisy Revelation

You are childlike and embrace simplicity. You bring beauty in unexpected places. The purity you carry is noticed by others. Continue to play and invite me into that time of wonder. I delight in you, my beloved daisy.



You are in a season of rest. Learn how to pause, and wait patiently for what is to come. Know that I am coordinating behind the scenes. There are many moving pieces and people. I am bringing people to you, and I’m preparing both you and them. You have everything you need right now in this moment. There is no need to rush this process, just rest in my presence.

Garden Letters 8"x10" Prints (Matted to 11"x14")

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