Installing Your Hummingbird Feeder Tube


  • Fill the wine bottle full (to the brim) with room temperature nectar.
  • Insert wine bottle in copper wire if not already.
  • Over a sink, slowly insert the rubber stopper into the wine bottle. As you do, make sure there is no air bubbles just underneath the stopper. As you slowly insert the stopper, some nectar will overflow on the sides of the wine bottle and some nectar will shoot out the clear tube. Continue to press the rubber stopper until it is firmly inserted in the wine bottle. If you notice any air bubbles, try again. This will ensure a proper vacuum seal.
  • Flip the feeder and double check the rubber stopper is secure and that the clear tube is filled with nectar.
  • Rinse the feeder with water if you don’t want the feeder to feel sticky or attract ants. :)
  • Hang the feeder as straight as possible. You can adjust the copper wire if needed. Hang in shade or partial shade. Too much sun creates leaking problems and spoils the nectar quicker.



Nectar Recipe


2/3 cup refined white sugar (1 part sugar)

3 cups water (4 parts water)


Heat the water and dissolve sugar in the water. The water just needs to be hot enough to dissolve the sugar, and doesn’t need to boil. Let cool to room temperature before adding to bird feeder.




Maintaining your Hummingbird Feeder


In general, hummingbird feeders should be cleaned with hot tap water weekly. Avoid using dish soaps which leave residue in the feeder. If your feeder becomes cloudy or moldy, clean with water immediately and let fully dry. Mold can be very dangerous to Hummingbirds.





**Do not let your hummingbird feeder freeze**

Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder