Summer Shorts

I had four pair of jeans that I didn't fit quite right, and three pair of shorts that I wasn't wild about. Before using them as fabric for future projects, I figured I'd try to cut them into summer shorts. This is a really easy thing to do, and I debated even making a post about it. But I thought someone might be hesitant to cut their jeans, and thought this might give them the confidence to just do it!

Supplies I used:


fabric tape measure

seam ripper

fabric pencil

pair of scissors


You could just use a regular ruler, knife, and a pen or sharpie, and scissors if you don't want to buy more supplies. I'd highly recommend a good pair of scissors though!

I didn't like the look of the rolled shorts, so I used my seam ripper to remove the thread where the rolls attached to the shorts.

My cheap seam ripper totally busted half way through. I love when things break because that means I can upgrade!

Here are the shorts unrolled. I couldn't believe how much dirt was rolled up in the shorts....I wear my clothes pretty hard and I like playing in dirt, so that makes total sense.

For each of the three shorts and four pair of jeans I did the same thing. I like my shorts to be about three inches in length. So I marked three inches from the crotch (not sure if there is a better word for that!), and then took my fabric ruler and laid it parallel to the top of my jeans. I made another mark on the other side of the jeans.

You can draw a line all the way across if you'd like, or you can just eyeball the cut.

A few things I noticed as I did several pairs of these:

-Make sure each leg is totally flat where you are going to cut.

-Round down the start and end of your cut.

-By rounding down your cut, you will be left with a little peak, that you can easily cut and smooth out.

-The last thing I noticed is that you may have to draw your line slightly angled with the crotch line. You'll still want to round down at the edges as well, so you can get a nice straight cut at the end. Or if you don't care if your cut is straight, just go for it. There is beauty in imperfection too!

I decided to not do a basic stitch at the bottom. I like the natural fray and don't mind cutting the hanging strings from time to time. I then threw them all in the wash so they'd start fraying.

Eventually they will fray like these shorts above. I pretty much only wore these shorts last summer, which is why I decided to cut all my shorts like this! And that's it. I saved the fabric from the legs and the end of the shorts to be used in future jean projects.


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