Dreaming + Awake

I've recently starting thinking and observing my life as a dream. Not in the way most people would think of a dream life, but more of a state of mind. Think about when you have bad dream. After you wake up, most people say "It was only a dream". This way of thinking helps us cope and shrug it off even though during the dream it felt very real and our emotions were strong.

This past week, when I noticed I was negatively ruminating about situations that happened throughout my day, I would say "It was only a dream". And for some reason my anxiety and negative thoughts dissapated ! Ultimately, this practice reminds me that life is temporary and that when I'm in eternity with Jesus, my old life on Earth will seem like a dream. This way of thinking allows me to not care so much about what others think or even fear death.

This concept of being an "Awake Dreamer" is not something I just came up with. I learned this way of thinking from Wayne Dyer's book, You'll See It, When You Believe It. Although his ideas are a bit out there, I do find his thoughts about life very intriguing. I highly recommend reading this book. I promise you, the content is way better than its cover. In fact, I tossed the cover, but I made sure to take a photo of the back before I did.


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